An incredible evening alongside Dubai creek

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun. 5, 2014 – The marvelous water bed with highly maintained dhows cruising down the water line is a sight to catch and a moment to experience. A dhow cruise will reveal another magnificent and extravagant shade to the tall buildings of Dubai. Get ready to catch a glimpse of jaw dropping beauty of this lighted city while enjoying a peaceful trip on a dhow.

Whether it is a special occasion calling for celebrations or a casual hang out to break the routine, Dhow cruise is all you need to make your evening perfect. All the arrangements for the tour are well taken care of by the staff on board who have committed to serve in the best possible manner. There is an array of delicious food options for one to choose from for dinner.

The international buffet menu with some sizzling hot Arabian dishes will win your heart on the dinner table.  The dhows are traditionally decorated to give them a lively ambiance. However, they are equipped with contemporary navigation and safety gadgets to ensure full protection to its customers. You may want to book a whole dhow for an event or reserve a dinner for a light dinner outside home

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Dubai Desert Safari

Outdoor adventures give the necessary adrenaline rush to people who love to be outdoorsy. Let, Dubai Desert Safari change this stereotype where the thrill is bigger, better and nothing comparable to anything else in the world. Just imagine the utter vastness and viciousness of blazing desert of Dubai which is faced by the determined will of the man equipped with a reliable and swift 4X4.

This is the adventure that gives the adrenaline rush to even those who had never even known the word adventure. It is the race against time and the weather and the most exciting thing is that once you start dune bashing there is no stopping. The extremely volatile dunes of Dubai desert keep on shifting and hence they pose a serious challenge every time and hence the 4X4 and the driver’s skill is put to test.

The vehicles used in Desert Safari are not just standard jeeps rather they are specially customized and necessarily modified in order to face the ultimate hardship out there in the desert. Desert safari without a doubt in the top of the list of things must to do while in Dubai. Various packages are available to enhance the experience for the tourists who wish to experience this hardcore journey.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai


Whether you wish to catch a tan under a bright sun or have a peaceful time in sea under beautiful stars, Dhow cruise makes it come true.
Dubai creek is a strip of ocean running in the middle Dubai. It is more like what aorta is to heart. The beautiful and mesmerizing sea water belt separate the two well developed and copious commercial divisions of Dubai. One is considered to be Diera to the north while other part Bur Dubai to the south. The view of Dubai along the creek looks gorgeous and hypnotizing. If you have chosen to come to Dubai as your holiday destination or you are currently residing within Dubai, either way opting for a journey along Dubai coast is rather a gigantic and fun filled experience.
To put more spark and allure to your journey they are dazzling and grand Dhows available that take you to a tour of Dubai creek like never before. These old fashioned and ancient dhows carry immense importance in terms of Bedouin culture when fishermen used to use them as sailing vessels to catch and transport fish. The wooden architecture of these Dhows exhibits the true essence of old times. The mild damp fragrance of wood along with refreshing sea breeze caressing against your face truly is a lively experience. Dhow cruise in Dubai offers a tour with numerous amenities to make your time as good as you never thought of it to be. The finger licking and tasteful international buffet being served on board is a highlight to your journey.

You can have a good at a great environment. There are free stock of juices and soft drinks being served to you as soon as you want one. The staff on board is quite cordial and amiable towards its valued guests. The intense décor with dim pleasant lights is an eye candy along with extravagant and lavish monuments of Dubai running along the creek. The round trip takes about two hours to be completed giving a full relaxing and entertaining package to enjoy from.

Dhow cruises are at your service in day and night time both. Whether you wish to catch a tan under a bright sun or have a peaceful time in sea under beautiful stars, Dhow cruise makes it come true. There is a strict quality control check done before every trip. All the essential safety equipments are thoroughly checked so you do not have to worry at all about a safe trip. The booking and reservations can be done online or on a call.


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Dubai marina dhow dinner cruise

Dubai is the city which has not very long ago emerged on the global map as a city of tourist attractions and leisure options scattered all over the city. The city is known for its sky scrapers, executive hotels, enormous shopping malls, long stretched roads and wide spread desert and shoreline. Many tourists who visit Dubai are accustomed to enjoy all these attractions on a different level depending on the extent of personal interest and or like and dislikes.


There are some attractions which are strongly recommended for the couples who come and visit Dubai either on some purpose or even for their honeymoon. One of the suggestions is the cruise dinner aboard Dhow. Dhows are traditional ships found in Dubai. They are made out of wood. Historians suggest that native Arabs in Dubai used to have Dhow to catch fish in the sea and hence earn their bread. Soon after the black gold was discovered in Dubai the professions of natives changed drastically and these Dhows lost their purpose after that.

These dhows are now being used to arrange cruise dinner at night along the marina bay. They usually consist of two storeys where the upper deck is the open one while the lower deck is enclosed by large glass columns which give the guests an uninterrupted view of the brightly lit shoreline. Dubai marina Dhow  cruise Dinner manages a fleet of luxury sedans which are driven by qualified chauffeurs; these sedans are used to pick the guests up from the place where they are residing and then they are taken to the harbor where Dhow is docked and ready for departure. At the reception Arabian hosts welcome the guests and receive them by offering them traditional Arabic Coffee and dates as a sign of hospitality

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. As soon as all the guests are on board the dhow leaves harbor and head towards marina which is going to be its destination for next few hours. On board Dhow the dinner is served in buffet manner which lets the guests to let their taste buds savor almost all the there are to offer in Arabic cuisine. Dubai Dhow makes sure that this dinner is made one of the most special events of your lives and for that very purpose no compromise is tolerated when it comes to customer satisfaction.