Hatta Mountain Safari

The city of Dubai is known for its gleaming infrastructure, tourist attractions, town planning and skyscrapers. Tourists from around the globe head towards the ultimate tourism destination to enjoy the vast beaches; the marine adventures as well. Desert safari and dune bashing are also one of the many profound adventures of the region and these are very popular amongst the tourists as well. Well it is time to explore the unobvious yet enchanting.

Not very far from Dubai is the Hatta Mountain range and the adjacent Hatta valley. Some find it hard to believe that there is valley as well because of the contrast of terrain. Hatta mountains & valley are bestowed with many treasures of nature including; rocks and boulders for climbing; trails through the mountains that provide an ideal opportunity for trekking; natural ponds made out of stones and water; adjacent desert for safari rides; ideal picnic spots and much more.



Nearby is the Hatta village which is ideally restored and being looked after by the Government of UAE as a tourist attraction. Most of the village is made up of mud houses and classical architecture is evident from there. It has been in this way so that people from around the globe would learn about the life style of residents of Hatta. Desert Safari is much popular among the tourists who visit Hatta.



Safari tours are arranged while keeping in view the safety of passengers. To ensure the safety there are many features introduced in the vehicles for that purpose; Reinforced chassis; extended roll bars; buckle in seats; enhanced suspension; fire extinguishers; air bags; first aid kits etc. 4×4 safari vehicles are also equipped with trackers so that they are always monitored and hence you are always under the eye of safety officer even in the vast desert while dune bashing.



If you’re a passionate golfer and planning a trip to Dubai; don’t forget to get a golf kit when you reach there. Because it’s not just the landscape and high rise buildings, but Dubai’s most beautiful and luxurious golf courses are also waiting for you.

Dubai has become a wonderful opportunity for world’s top golfers over the years with world-class courses packed with state of the art facilities and tournaments going on all around the year. There are many beautifully designed golf courses and resorts in Dubai where you can have your play and enjoy the most out of your favorite game.

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