Dubai marina dhow dinner cruise

Dubai is the city which has not very long ago emerged on the global map as a city of tourist attractions and leisure options scattered all over the city. The city is known for its sky scrapers, executive hotels, enormous shopping malls, long stretched roads and wide spread desert and shoreline. Many tourists who visit Dubai are accustomed to enjoy all these attractions on a different level depending on the extent of personal interest and or like and dislikes.


There are some attractions which are strongly recommended for the couples who come and visit Dubai either on some purpose or even for their honeymoon. One of the suggestions is the cruise dinner aboard Dhow. Dhows are traditional ships found in Dubai. They are made out of wood. Historians suggest that native Arabs in Dubai used to have Dhow to catch fish in the sea and hence earn their bread. Soon after the black gold was discovered in Dubai the professions of natives changed drastically and these Dhows lost their purpose after that.

These dhows are now being used to arrange cruise dinner at night along the marina bay. They usually consist of two storeys where the upper deck is the open one while the lower deck is enclosed by large glass columns which give the guests an uninterrupted view of the brightly lit shoreline. Dubai marina Dhow  cruise Dinner manages a fleet of luxury sedans which are driven by qualified chauffeurs; these sedans are used to pick the guests up from the place where they are residing and then they are taken to the harbor where Dhow is docked and ready for departure. At the reception Arabian hosts welcome the guests and receive them by offering them traditional Arabic Coffee and dates as a sign of hospitality

dubai tour

. As soon as all the guests are on board the dhow leaves harbor and head towards marina which is going to be its destination for next few hours. On board Dhow the dinner is served in buffet manner which lets the guests to let their taste buds savor almost all the there are to offer in Arabic cuisine. Dubai Dhow makes sure that this dinner is made one of the most special events of your lives and for that very purpose no compromise is tolerated when it comes to customer satisfaction.


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